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To Evangelise Indonesia, Make Indonesia a Christian Country

This dream of making Indonesia become a Christian Majority Country was spoken by Rev. Emeritus Ki’marek Karoba Tawy a few minutes before he passed away.

Background History of “8plus1”

There were 8 men and 1 woman were first baptised as members of the Evangelical Church of West Irian (EVWI) at Kelela Village, the highlands of West Papua. Right now this church is called the Evangelical Church of Indonesia (GIDI). The only husband and wife baptised at this time was my own mother and my father: Rev Kimarek Karoba Tawy and Mother Lawingga K-Yikwa.

I as the first son of the couple, am dedicated to carry out the order given by my father, with my brothers and sisters across Melanesia.

Rev. Ki’marek Karoba Tawy and Prayer for Evangelising Indonesian Peoples

I am the witness of my father many times being interrogated by Indonesian armed and police officers. They sometimes told him, “You are just gembala (sheperd) of the pigs that you have in your house.” Or “You are just the gembala of wild pigs” Other time, they told him,

“You don’t speak Indonesian language (bahasa), you don’t write and read well, you are illiterate fool, how come you want to bring your sheep to heaven? You might fool them all?”

Sem Karoba, eyewitness

I have seen him, NOT responding either by gesture, facial remark or voice. He stays calm, and smile, while the police and army will come and mock him now and again. When other pastors and elders come, he will NEVER report to them whatever the army or police told him. He will only tell them good things to be done in the church.

I happen to ask him, not only once, “Why do you not tell what this foreign army told you to your elders?” He replied, “I report to God, not to them!”

Prayer as Reports to God

Sure enough I hear him in his prayers, every 12:00 midnight and every 3:00AM in the morning. He will pray about 30 minutes midnight. And in the morning he will pray from 3:00AM to daylight (6:00AM).

Sure enough, I hear him reporting to God, every bit of the event, every words spoken, every feeling that he had when the words were spoken. He will speak just like I will be speaking to him. He will speak in details and in length. He will change his voice, to illustrate what he is saying. He will imitate the voices of those who mocked him, and his voice will sound like them. Then he will come back and speak as himself, reporting to God.

Pray for Repentance of Indonesia People and Evangelism in Indonesia

I sometimes wanted to stop my father from praying for forgiveness and blessing to Indonesian peoples.

After reporting all that happened, my father will as God, “Please forgive them God, I ask you to forgive them, as they know not what they are doing! Do not punish them just because they have done something bad to me! I want them to be saved, not punished!”

  • I pray for Indonesian President Suharto, you bless him, give him wisdom and understanding, because I want him to believe you God.
  • I pray for all ministers and Indonesian government so that they understand that what people here are saying is because what they are doing to people here. Make them understand that what people here are asking is legitimate, God agrees with the position of people here, and therefore, they must agree with you.
  • I pray that all Churches in Indonesia, all church leaders, all pastors and evangelists, all members of churches in Indonesia. You protect them! You save their lives! You are Good Shepperd Lord! Do not let them face problems. Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world! Help those Christians be small lights shinning in the middle of vast and complete darkness.
  • I pray that one day, all Indonesian Moslems and others will become your own children. You have come here in my Island, and saved us here. You send your begotten Son for us here, and for them as well. Please do not leave them live as unbelievers. I pray to you God, forgive their sins for killing us, mocking us, making bad things on us, saying bad things on us, I pray that you forgive them, totally and complete, just like you have forgiven me and made me your own son in Jesus Christ. I was a sinner. I worship idols. I was involved in tribal wars, committed so many sins. But you have forgiven me, fully and completely. I am now a pastor in your church. I want you to make many Indonesians just like what you did to me, and my people here.

Pray for me and my brothers

He then will pray for myself and my brothers. He tells God, my children are educated children. They speak very good Indonesian language. They write books in Indonesian language.

“I want them have a heart to help evangelize Indonesian peoples., so that they will become your children!” I Know they are not pastors or evangelists, but I know that speak Bahasa and they have the anointing You have given me is also flowing into them.

He then will mention everything that we can do and things that he expects us to do, in serving the Lord.

Invitation to All Melanesians, Micronesians, and Polynesians

I invite All MELANESIANS, Micronesians and Polynesians who call ourselves Christian peoples, to join hand-in-hand, and spread the Gospel to our neighbouring country: Indonesia.

Europe, North America, Australa and New Zealand are the countries that have done a lot of evangelism world in the whole world. They evangelized us in Melanesia. The question is “What did we do after we became Christians? Which continents, islands and countries did we go to evangelize after we are called good, peace-loving, Paradise Christian peoples?”

The door is now open. The field is now ripe, because we need more labourers to work the field:

  • We need you prayer support! Pray that All Indonesian peoples become Christians. Pray that all Indonesian churches work to evangelize their fellow Indonesians. Pray that Church Leaders in Indonesia to love Indonesian peoples and preach the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus Christ to this most boasted largest Moslem country in the whole planet Earth! For those churches and Christians across Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, we invite you all to pray, fast and pray, and fast, and pray.
  • We invite your financial support! We will soon announce the board and websites for financial contributions. For those churches and Christians across Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, we invite you all to contribute.

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